Are you frustrated with trying to take your English to the next level? Or with trying to become fluent in English? Well, maybe I could help you.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
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I’m a British born and educated native-speaking English teacher and tutor. I've spent seven and a half years teaching students privately in Warsaw, Poland. And learnt Polish to intermediate level (B1/B2).

My passions are languages, philosophy and science . I studied analytical philosophy at the University of London . And I have a master’s in cognitive semiotics from Aarhus University, Denmark .


My main goal is to help students achieve spoken fluency in English, for your work, studies, or for general interest. I’m a language learner myself. I speak Russian, Polish, Punjabi, Danish and basic French. So I help students learn in ways that I know are effective.

I do this is by giving students the opportunity to use English in a natural way.
To discuss your feelings. ideas and thoughts . Also to explore lots of interesting subjects and topics.
To help students understand the culture that surrounds English. From the social and cultural issues that shape the way we speak to the social and cultural influences that shape the language , such as literature, music, comedy and the like.
I also help students prepare for the Cambridge exams FCE, CAE, CPE, and IELTS.
And, I also coach students for university interviews and job interviews. I’ve helped students with job interviews for companies and institutions like Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Frontex and many more.

Lessons with me are very relaxed, natural, and very conversational.
Students always say they have fun and the time just flies! I listen to what students want. So feel free to tell me what you want from lessons.
I ask students to come to lessons with a critical and questioning mindset . This means being prepared with questions they have thought of between lessons. Questions about vocabulary, grammar, social or cultural issues, or about TV programmes or films you’ve watched.
During lessons, I’m always sensitive to context and suggest suitable words, idioms, and expressions . I also help students to understand the mistakes they make with grammar.
I keep a digital document of our lessons and all the new vocabulary we have.
I also have lots of books and materials that I share with my students.

I’ve specialised working with adults who already have an advanced beginners level (A2/B1) .Though I also specialise teaching children from 7-16 years old . In my view, this is different to teaching beginner adults.

When I work with children, I use a system of helping the children to read and write in English that 80% of schools in the UK use to teach children to read and write in English. I have had great results with chidden using this system.

In the first two years, children make huge progress in their reading and comprehension. This means they begin speaking English in those first two years with a much larger working vocabulary.

Here are some examples of people I've worked with and I’m working with now:

Adults from many business sectors including companies like Accenture, Accor Hotels, Ernest and Young, PZU, ING, Goldman Sachs, Orange, Unilever , and many more.
Polish civil servants from the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Defence .
Staff from European embassies , including the Italian and Spanish . And European agencies like Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.
People from the Polish arts and entertainment industry , like actors and TV producers .
Students and academics from the University of Warsaw, the Medical University of Warsaw, and Warsaw University of Technology in fields such as medicine, biology, engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, the arts, literature, and philosophy.
Many private business owners and entrepreneurs all across Poland, such as architects, personal trainers, programmers , and more.
Young learners preparing for English competitions, like the Konkursy Przedmiotowe MKO MSCDN , and Cambridge Exams like KET, PET, and FCE .
High school students preparing for British university admissions , applications and interviews. I have helped students to get into universities like Oxford, University of London, Bristol, and Manchester .
So feel free to send me an email, or message.

Or simply call me. If I don’t answer, please send me a text (SMS), so I know you’ve called and I will return your call.

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