Hi, my name is Albert. I am here to help you improve your English or Spanish!


In Malta, English is our second official language. As such, speaking with me is easy as our accent is pure and not strong, so very easy to understand. We can meet in a cafe, in a park, or anywhere you like and talk about interesting subjects. We can also do group sessions, discuss a topic, and work on it.

Something about me: I travelled a lot, and so there is a lot of nice travelling exepriences we can speak about. I love sports. I also hold a commercial Pilot licence, I am a Flight Instructor, as such teaching comes naturally to me. I have Level 6 ICAO English (maximum level).

Feel free to contact me and ask me about a plan to improve your written and conversational English or Spanish! Learning is meant to be fun, not a stressing experience!

I have found out that many Polish people DO KNOW English, they are just afraid to speak it! So, I am here to help you. And you won't be disappointed :)

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