I offer practice with having conversation, reading, and writing in English. I really want to help you feel comfortable and not be nervous with speaking :)

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

I am a certified English native speaker from America with over 6 years of education experience. I have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from the University of Arizona, experience teaching English classes in Gdańsk, and over 200 hours of experience working with individuals.

•I will create personalised lessons for you based on your interests and needs. I use a mix of personally prepared materials, real-world content (popular songs, interesting articles, videos), and other resources. I want you to improve quickly and enjoy the process!

•If you want to develop better Business English for your career, we will focus on the skills most important for your profession. From sending emails, giving presentations, or meeting with clients, I can help you gain confidence in your communication.

•Lots of conversation. The way to improve your speaking ability is to…speak! My goal is to help you to be more confident so that you can communicate without fear. We will discuss interesting topics so you can focus on the conversation and stop worrying and hesitating.

If you would like, I will give you personalised homework including: watching an interesting video or speech, pronunciation practice, reading interesting articles, writing about yourself, reviewing vocabulary, and other things! 

WHERE: Online, with the option of moving to in-person meetings as soon as it is safe

PRICE: 80zł/ 55 min


My bachelors degree is in Cultural Anthropology; I have worked in a technology start-up; and I have many other passions and interests in my life including cooking, traveling, art and design, music, films, reading, and listening to podcasts. I am sure we will have many interesting topics to talk about! I am excited to meet you!

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