Hello, I'm Arese! I moved to Warsaw as an expert in teaching English. I aim to continue training my students here.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Why me? As your teacher I promise to help boost your confidence in speaking English which will in turn improve your fluency. As I am a native English speaker you can be sure it will be a hands on process from beginning to end with no aid of translations when we hit those tough spots. But don't worry, we'll work through it and come out successful every time. Don't expect only listening and boring note taking during class. We will have stimulating conversations where you'll be an active participant every step of the way. Ever wanted to impress your colleagues, bosses or even foreign friends with your impressive professional vocabulary and understanding of colloquialisms and idioms? I'm happy to help you stand out at work by showing off your advanced English skills. For each lesson revision is key. You'll acquire new vocabulary while steadily recycling words and phrases from before. The effect of this unique method is to create long lasting results. You'll be excited and proud of your progress. I will be your guide, coach and motivator. We will take a serious approach that's both enjoyable and get's the job done. I look forward to it! I am eager to conduct English courses in companies and start long-term cooperation. Please leave your phone number so we could arrange everything smoothly.

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