Native English Teacher from New York. Currently studying in Wroclaw and looking for work full-time. In the meantime, I'd love to help you reach your goal to learn English!

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
International Baccalaureate

From the ages of 3-9 years-old I lived in Warsaw, Poland with my father. Eleven years later, I have returned to Poland in pursuit of my research at the International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education at Universitet Dolnaslaska.

Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for taking an interdisciplinary approach to learning. I borrowed methods from areas such as media, literature, political science, and sociology when I developed a curriculum for my independent research. I follow this methodology in my teaching technique.

I began my teaching career as a sailing instructor at an intensive sailing camp in Virginia, USA. In the classroom, I would use various interactive activities that helped students apply their knowledge in real world exercises.

A few years later, on the other side of the world, I volunteered at a public high school in Thailand. There, the students and I created a game to improve their understanding of English grammar. My desire is to make learning a fun experience by engaging students in exercises that fulfill their intellectual curiosity.

This past summer in New York, I babysat for a five year-old boy. His mom gave me one objective, to encourage his independence and consciousness in the big city. By the end of the summer he was instructing me on which metro to take in order to get home from school. I was so proud of what he had accomplished in our time together.

Currently, I am an English Language volunteer with a non-profit organization called Free City Language. After the first English Language course I taught with Free City Language, I received the greatest feedback. A student commented that my contagious enthusiasm and ability to simplify and explain complex situations kept her engaged as a learner. In actuality, as a teacher I see myself as the learner. Each student has a unique way they learn. I am determined to help my students strengthen their critical thinking skills so they can overcome challenges in the classroom. Together, we will build a path to better learning.

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