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I am an experienced American and British English instructor and have 10+ years of experience. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States and began teaching english as a volunteer in 2000 as a high school student through the Women and Children Immigration Program in South St. Louis. I earned my TEFL certificate through the immigration program in St. Louis in 2003. I continued to volunteer through college while enrolled in the anthroplogy and linguistics program at East Central College with a minor in communications and theatre. After 2 years, I decided to travel, spending the next 10 years living in New Mexico, Chicago, California, Oregon, Thailand, and back to St. Louis. I have worked a variety of jobs, including : english teacher, coffee roaster, barista, bar tender, veterinary surgery assistant, retail management, pharmacy technician, as well as many others. I feel that these experiences help me a great deal as a teacher as I can relate to nearly anyone. I moved to Poland in October of last year to be near my fiance as the immigration system in the US is incredibly slow and inefficient due to the current political climate and, as most people know, long distance relationships aren't pleasant. I am enjoying Poland thus far, life is a bit slower for me here, but I am very happy to finally be near my partner. I currently have 2 intermediate-advanced students and would like to take on a maximum of 5 more so I stay busy. I keep my student number low so my students get quality class time and it gives me the time to prepare quality lesson plans.

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