Speak English like a native speaker...confidently and fluently.

Business/Accounting degree (MBA, DBA, etc.)


I am Brian.

Majority of my business clients are long term clients.

This is because I can have a strong business background and have developed methods where you can quickly feel more comfortable in speaking english more fluently and confidently.

My business english clients that I've been working with range from International companies, Managing Directors, Business Owners and University Professors in improving and developing their Business English.

Additionally, alot of StartUps and businesses wanting to develop their international growth strategies continue working with me because I also provide business services, which range from business restructuring for working in international markets, accounting, and internet business services like SEO and copywriting for the english markets.
Develop your English naturally to speak more like a native speaker.

English for business or personal casual conversation with an Australian living in Poznan.

After 2-3 lessons you will feel more comfortable and confident with usual difficult words like determine, audience, capable, though, through, thorough etc...

Having lived and worked in Australia, USA and here in Europe, I have developed a vast knowledge of the various intricacies that English from the various continents can have when using English in business.

Available for individual and businesses by private meetings face to face or via Skype, group meetings and email if you are wanting someone to proof read your business letter, resume, or a sounding board for feedback.

Currently working with IT contractors and employees, business executives, lawyers and HR companies, and focusing on topics such as negotiations, marketing, business processes, IT / online - programming, and emotional intelligence.

Learn how to speak business English more fluently and pronounce words properly with confidence.

Say now thief and teeth...

..does it sound correct or can a person living in USA, UK or Australia understand you?

Usually "thief" sounds like - teeth...
- The teeth ran away with the jewels?

As from my experience these are just 2 words that commonly sound the same when spoken by polish when speaking english, and have completely different meanings.

Anyway, lets work on these rhyming pairs to you speak more clearly just like a native english speaker.

Just pick up the phone and lets begin...

All the best!

Note: Lessons for private persons and for firms...also 75% of my work are with companies in groups.

Prices for groups start from 155zl per hour for up to 4 people.

- nauka angielskiego
- nauka języka angielskiego

I issue invoices and operate a local business here in Poznań.

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