Native English speaker here to get conversational with you.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

My name is Bruce, I’m from the USA, but I’ve been living in Gdańsk since 2013. I’ve used my skills as a native English speaker to help both adults and children with their conversation abilities.
My lessons help students stop thinking about learning English as a task. Students are more focused on their passions and English is simply the tool used to explore them. Naturally their skills get better and their discomfort fades. The fact that I don’t speak Polish makes English the only way to communicate. Student’s lessons are designed individually according to their needs and interests.
I have been teaching children in both private schools and in smaller groups in their homes. My experience has shown me that the best way to gain the attention of young learners is through entertaining methods such as memory games, illustrated short stories, and puzzles.

Lessons can take place in either my flat in the center of Gdańsk (80 PLN) or at student’s location (100 PLN).

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