Improve your communication skills through engaging conversation.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

I have been working as a teacher for over 10 years in Poland. Over that time I have developed an approach to working with people that allows them to develop their communication skills most effectively. This mainly involves having authentic conversations. The topic of these conversations is really limitless.

The fact that every person is different and has different needs makes my job challenging and fun. I try to focus on improving fluency and pronunciation. I have a range of resources and materials at my disposal and am always looking for more. Whatever catches the student interest. I tend not to use coursebooks unless the student specifically asks for it.

I tend to use a correction technique called 'delayed error correction' which basically means that instead of stopping you mid-sentence every time you make a mistake, I make a note of it and return to it to bring your attention to them at several 'check-in points' throughout the class. This allows for people to express themselves fully but also become aware of the areas they needs to improve on, whether that's grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. I try to maximise student talking time as the more someone talks the more they are training that muscle.

I was born in Ireland but grew up in the south of England and so have a southern English accent, which is easy enough to understand.

I can invoice if necessary.

I'm located in Praga Polnoc but am open to travelling to students within reason.

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