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I grew up in the Republic of Ireland - Cork city and later moved to the UK where I finished my secondary and University education. After I moved to the United States for some years. I have been teaching English, Spanish and German on and off for more than ten years with a strong background in business English.

Before I started teaching English I worked in the Consumer Electronics industry as a Product Manager and then moved into Hospitality teaching, specializing in Customer Care and Craft Skills training workshops.

I have lived and worked in seven countries on four continents and so have an effective relationship with different and diverse cultures and know the issues foreigners face when trying to master a new language. I spent almost 7 years in Africa mostly in Zambia-Sub Saharan Africa and East Africa Tanzania (Zanzibar) where I worked in the Safari Business as a Sales and Marketing Manager, Lodge Manager, Hotel Manager, Real Estate Broker to eventually setting up a tour operation business that still continues to trade today.

I would say that I am somebody that enjoys all types of people and likes to believe there is good in everyone and that each individual has untapped potential.

I currently run my own company in Warsaw, where I found my home :) I feel strongly motivated to share my knowledge and broad experience to help people and businesses to gain a better footing in the international playing field - that's why CCAcademy has beem created.


N.B. References can be made available on request and many of my Students would be more than happy to be contacted for up-to-date references....You have only to ask...:)

Education, Qualifications, Experience: 
  • Salford University BSc (Hons): Marketing & Modern languages (German, Spanish) - 1998
  • 10+ years of experience teaching and working in educational settings

  • Business English coaching for professionals - individual trainings for Managers and Senior Executives (negotiations, marketing techniques, customer care, exhibitions – preparation for all kind of meetings and pesentations in English, for foreign clients)
  • In-depth career coaching including cultural induction preparation for living abroad: English interview preparation
    • application documents consultancy
    • behavioural issues and body language coaching
    • speech articulation and power speaking trainings
    • understanding the complexity of culture
    • environmental and social relationships consultancy
    • management style coaching to fit local customs and expectations
    • multicultural competences trainings
    • support in understanding the cultural competences
  • Customer care workshops for different business sectors (small independent butique hotels and restaurants) focusing on variety of skills training
  • Ambassadors of first impression - customer service and sales workshops for other industries (pharma, medicine, law)
  • Website consultancy (website content management)
  • Translations, proof reading and editing 

I specialize as well in helping people prepare for Interviews in English.....discussing the hidden secrets of the HR Department...how to be more confident and GET THAT JOB.

My current Students are Secretaries, IT Programmers, Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Lawyers, University Professors, Film and Media specialists and many more and to help them become better and more confident in English I use a wide variety of teaching material....from my preferred teaching books along with additional structured grammar exercises (with answers :) ) to using  films, documentaries, newspapers, free online educational portals, newspaper clippings of subjects that "interest you" so a tailored approach... and I have a good ability to work with business related fields... having worked a long time in Sales and Marketing on domestic and international levels.

I can help/improve/teach/and practice with you the key elements needed in order to command a good standard of English when speaking orally.

I get a lot of people coming to me before they head to another country to travel, live work etc. Currently I am preparing Students for the US, Taiwan, Ireland and Japan... having seen and travelled in many of these countries I therefore  combine my extensive cultural and travel experience to help them better adjust to the new environment.

I still teach in a school where my students range from 5 to 17 years old:

  • group lessons with students of all levels (teenagers and adults):
    • beginners
    • pre-intermediate
    • intermediate and upper-intermediate
    • advanced
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation
  • Cambridge English Exams preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE)
  • Matura English Exams preparation

I work in the city centre almost every day, and meet most of my studets and clients there (usually in the client's office, meeing room or coffee shop). I do of course have my special places, depending on the type of student, as at the end of the day you must feel comfortable.

I DO GIVE HOMEWORK ....so I am a little demanding!!!

For beginners of English who have not really used English since their school days i will help get you back on track... I can help to improve your English pronunciation when speaking, make you feel more confident...

For Business professionals who already hold a good command of English at least to an intermediate level but still need to practice, and improve on the base you currently have ? Yes, I can help you.


I do a lot of Spanish English, German English translations and as well I specialize in  proofreading (all kinds of English documents, Power Point presentations, websites, e mails etc). I correct Grammar and text as well as restructuring texts in order to make it read properly, with the correct syntax and register.

Depending on the amount of hours needed I charge a minimum 1 hour lessons 1 to 1 English Teaching Lessons 85 Pln per hour.

1.5 hrs 135 Pln

 Proofreading of English Documents (negotiable) depending on the amount of pages.

 Proofreading e-mails private and corporate 45 Pln per e-mail


N.B. References can be made available on request


Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info: 

I enjoy nearly all outdoor pursuits, I go regularily to the Gym, love skiing, and enjoy all water sports especially Kite Surfing. Have done a fair bit of horse riding in past years and would like to get back into Polo Riding when the weather changes in the Spring time.

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