•Price is a Special Offer for Group Classes •CELTA Qualified Teacher ✔️ English Native & Polish Speaker ✔️ Access to London based teachers ✔️

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Take advantage of our spring offer for group classes. As part of our spring sale we are for a limited time offering group classes (consisting of four people) for 70PLN per person.

We also offer individual classes, for details please contact me directly.

Englishbreakfast.pl is one of the most vibrant and dynamic language schools offering classes with talented teachers based in Warsaw, London or Shenzhen.


Together my colleague Tim and I have over 15 years of teaching experience and are both CELTA trained. Our work with corporations and private individuals alike inspired us to open a school that would truly cater for the language needs of students in Poland. Now we have grown a team of some of the most accomplished and dedicated tutors and coaches that will take your ability in language to the next level, guaranteed.

Let us know what are your language needs and we will create a programme that works for you to enable you to succeed in your endeavour.


We have worked with young students preparing for language certificates, business professionals looking to advance in their careers as well as people from all walks of life from retirees to diplomats to actors on the silver screen.


We help individuals and companies:

1️⃣ Overcome their language barriers and effectively communicate in English
2️⃣ Build and maintain cross-cultural relationships with confidence & respect
3️⃣ Prepare for English exams and Public Speaking events
4️⃣ Reduce miscommunication risks and handle conflicts fairly and professionally


Now allow us help to you to make your next leap in your English language development. Don't delay, contact us today! We will be delighted to hear from you :-)


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