London native offering conversation to help you develop your English comprehension and speech


I'm a London born native Brit, with a neutral accent.

I'm available to have conversations during the week and at weekends at my apartment near Gorczyn to enable you to practice your conversational skills.

I do not teach grammar, won't interrupt your train of thought and will allow you to express yourself as you build confidence in your English language ability.

In my experience, of over 8 years of conversation with Poles, practice with a native is the key to gaining a broad understanding of English, giving you the confidence to engage with both native English speakers as well as other 2nd language speakers such as yourself.

Maybe you'd like to work in an English speaking environment? Perhaps you're planning on travelling. Maybe you have a business where spoken English is critical. I can help you gain the skills you need to stride forward with your English language ability.

Drop me an email and we'll chat to find out if I can help you take your English to the next level.

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