7 Best Ways to Learn to Speak English -- Quickly learn how to speak English right here, right now! With over 20 years of professional ESL teaching, I have the methods to help you.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Name: Davis Johnathon
Nationality: Canadian -- I am from Canada.
Years of English Teaching Experience: 20
English Language: Native English Speaker (NES)
Teaching Style: Fun, interesting, relaxed, organized lessons so you learn fast and easily.

7 Best Ways I Can Help You to Speak Better English

1. Reflective Communication Method - Learn English the same way a native speaker learns. Using modeled examples of English, you will see and hear how English is spoken so you can "reflect" your speaking with full sentence answers using correct grammar and words. This is a very fast way for you to learn how to speak English.

2. TTT Method - Learn English by actively speaking about your interests. TTT uses guided speaking activities to increase your Talk Time while I guide and assist you to speak better. The more you talk, the more you can talk. Talk-Talk-Talk will increase your confidence to speak more English.

3. Visual Vocabulary - Learn the meanings of English words faster with pictures, memes, etc. You will learn faster and remember more when you "see" the words you are learning.

4. Accent Reduction - Speak like a native speaker as I teach you natural sounds of words. Canadians are well-known for speaking clear and easy to understand English so you will learn English pronunciation (sound) that everyone will understand when you speak English. And, you will understand more when you study with me.

5. Deep Meaningful Learning (DML) - You will learn English in a way that you can remember and speak the English that you have learned in every lesson. You will speak, listen, read, and complete exercises that will develop your English skills. I will guide you using "Contructivist" and "Scaffolding" methods so you can build your English skills in a controlled, planned, step-by-step process.

6. Mashup Method (M&M) - Learn English words using a variety of different activities. You will use the same target words in your lesson in different exercises and activities. I will make sure you learn English in a way that you will not get bored. You will use the target words enough times that you will remember the words, the meanings of the words, and the correct way to use the words when speaking English.

7. Personal Lesson Reports - Every lesson includes a personalized report to help you know what you need to do to speak better English. You will understand what are the most important English words, grammar, and speaking skills you need to study and practice. This will save you time and money.

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