Business English Instructor with 15 years of Corporate Experience and Proven Results.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

With my 15 years of Corporate training experience, I have compiled lesson plans that address the most common Business English needs. The courses can also be amended and supplemented for your industry’s specific needs. Current course topics include:
____ Negotiations

____ Effective Business Meetings

____ Presentations

____ Phone Sales and Cold Calling

____ Brainstorming and Collaboration

____ Corporate Communication

____ Small Talk

____ Overcoming Objections

____ Interview Techniques

____ Needs Analysis

____ Conference Calls

My standard rate is 150PLN per hour for classes in person in the center of Warsaw and 120PLN per hour for online (Skype) classes. Further discounts may apply, based upon consistency of attendance, time of day, or number of classes purchased in a package. These are all consumer discounts. If your corporation is paying directly for your lessons with a Faktura and 30 days in arrears, that will limit the amount of discounts I can offer.

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