Canadian citizen, who has moved to Poland in the year 2006. Master in English philology, 8 years of experience in teaching.

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Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

Canadian citizen, who has moved to Poland in the year 2006. Facing many difficulties with mastering the Polish language and the single-handedly observing the outdated methods of teaching languages, bearing unfruitful, short-term results, which only discourage people from learning foreign languages. During University, I had the opportunity to gain insight regarding introducing English as a corporate language in medium and large companies and the old-fashioned utilized techniques worked only in theory rather than in practice. When I started my graduate program in English translations, I never dreamed that I could teach one day. However, searching for a way to make some additional money in order to support myself while studying, I started tutoring peopling and assisting them in their language studies. At that point, I recognized a natural gift and passion to teach English and wanted to encourage others on their journey to linguistic development. Even though I was not certain in what capacity I would teach, it never crossed my mind that there were available options outside of becoming a translator or teaching in a public or private educational institution.
“My journey to small-business ownership was not the result of one concrete decision to ditch academia and become an entrepreneur. I’ve arrived at my current position because of a series of smaller decisions: taking a nonacademic job developing content for stationary and online language courses, then taking a full-time job teaching English at a private school and companies, to establishing my very own company in order to work as an independent contractor so I could continue working on pursuing my dream to help others understand the importance and relevance of mastering English in these modern times and the doors that this knowledge opens…” – Diana

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