Professional copyediting, copywriting, proofreading and Polish-to-English translation at the Ochota English Pages

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

What: comprehensive copyediting, copywriting, proofreading and Polish-to-English translation.

technical blogs, websites, press releases, technical articles, journal articles, academic dissertations, monographs, textbooks, special purpose writing

Why: To build your company’s competence and clients’ confidence in your products and services. Your business will gain a competitive advantage if your publications are easy to read. We can help you make your English clearer, more natural and forceful. Whether you are writing for business or academic purposes, having a reader check the logic, flow and linking of your writing will bring you a solid step closer to successful publication.

What's more: Since 2003, we’ve edited close to 1000 articles and papers.

When: Every single day! We help companies publish quality text when they need it. Same day? No problem. Within 24 hours? Surer still. Academic publishing: We strive to return academic articles as quickly as possible, often within a week.

Where: we’re located on Wlodarzewska Street in Warsaw. But as freelancers, we’re available to take jobs throughout Poland and Europe.

Who: I am an owner of and the lead English language editor at the Ochota English Pages. I have been editing text written by Polish and other non-native English writers since 2003, and I’ve been working in editing since 1989. I have worked for newspapers, magazines and trade journals. At university, I studied English literature and journalism. I also cooperate with other educated and accomplished English and American editors and writers. American or British English? We have both Americans and Brits on staff.

Who has trusted us?


Warsaw University

The Krakow University of Economics Press

Sarota PR, Krakow, Warsaw

CodiLime, Warsaw

Asseco, Warsaw

Countless individual writers, professors, and translators

Rates: Proofreading English: 20 PLN per page*

Editing English: 35 PLN per page (the vast majority of work we do is editing)

Editing English with 24-hour turnaround: 40-45 PLN (at my discretion, negotiable)

Polish-English translation: 60 PLN per page

Copy-writing in English: 100 PLN per page

(*as per the publishing industry standard, a page is 1800 symbols including spaces)

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