Native Mandarin speaker with 4 years of teaching experience. I'm very experienced with beginners and teach very practical use of the language!

Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

Lessons only taught in English, Location: Center of Warsaw
My English name is Effy.I was born and lived in China for the first 22 years of my life.Mandarin is my first and only native language.
How the sessions look like very much on the student.Generally speaking, I’ve been teaching complete beginners, students who came with a higher level of learners as well.
Generally speaking, with complete beginners, we will spend the first 3-5 sessions on (70 zl per session ):
1. Pinyin (spelling system), Pronunciation
2. Introduction to Chinese characters (the writing system)
3. A bit of history of Characters.
Learning materials will be given in this phase.
After having acquired a good Pronunciation and a basic grasp of the language, the emphasis will move slowly to the second phase: getting accustomed to the language , ( 60 zl per session ).We will spend a lot of time with each other, as well as speaking.A lot of repairs.(How long this phase is also highly depend on how gifted and dedicated the student is, I would say 10 sessions on average)
When the student is used to reading Chinese characters, we will be spending most time speaking( 50 zl per session ).During this phase, speaking on a basis of selected topics, minimum of grammar will be explained as we go.The sessions will be mostly speech and practice.Repetition is held as long as I think the student needs.

Conversational class PLN 40 per session for intermediate level and up.

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A note on my schedule: I’m a student at UW and I have an irregular schedule, so please contact me about scheduling a session with me.

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