American English Teacher Available for Private and Business Lessons

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

American English Teacher Available for Private and Business Lessons

I'm an American English speaker living in Torun, Poland with my wife, who is from Poland. I'm available to teach intermediate (and above) level lessons in person. Skype lessons can also be arranged. Additionally, I can also teach business level English individually or in groups.

Lessons are only conducted in English and are 80 zl/hour for in person lessons and 60 zl/hour for Skype lessons. Possibility to issue invoices. Whether in person or through Skype, I only maintain 10 students at a time, so I am available to best help your individual needs.
Intermediate and above lessons focus on the following; vocabulary, conversational English, comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation and test prep/homework help. Lessons can be customized to fit individual needs.

Business level lessons focus on; job application support, business plan development, preparing presentations, negotiating and communication with clients by speaking and through email. These lessons can also be customized.

I have an degree in English from America and have worked as a writer, editor and publisher for the last 25 years. Additionally, I own a business in America that publishes a quarterly magazine.

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