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Hello! My name is Gene, and I speak with a neutral-American dialect that professionals all over the world pay to acquire. the kind you hear in American movies, TV shows, and on radios. And, as such, I can help you cultivate the diction necessary to speak like a native.

My rates are 90-100 PLN per hour. 90 PLN for the purchase of more than 5 lessons, and 100 PLN for the purchase of one lesson.I only accept cash as payment (paid before lessons)

Generally, I only accept someone that has a basic level of English, so our first meeting would be FREE. I can evaluate if you, or your children would learn anything from having conversations with me.

Please remember, this is a non-structural, no textbook, no written exercise learning experience to build true speaking fluency, and that can involve the following:

- Everyday/Conversational English

- Conversations in politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects

- Corporate-business English (I have a business background)

- Understanding of American culture

- Understanding of idioms / subtleties in the English language

- Focus on accent, pronunciations, etc.

Lastly, and most importantly, developing the confidence and comfort to speak, by naturally learning with a native speaker!

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