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Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
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Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

About me:
I moved to Warsaw in 2013 as an independent language consultant for a Media localization firm and began teaching as part of this role shortly thereafter; however I have been visiting Poland on regular basis to visit friends since 2008 and now it very much feels like home. My role within in the media firm further sparked my interest in linguistics and inspired me to study for a TEFL qualification in 2013.

Education, Qualifications, Experience:
Since 2013 I have been living and teaching in Warsaw. I initially began teaching within Primary and middle schools here in Poland teaching children aged 7-15 utilising the CLIL method which seeks to integrate the learning of an academic subject with language learning.

For the last 2,5 years I have been working in various Public offices such as the Ministry of the Environment and Komisji Nadzoru Finansowe, teaching both Ministers and Directors of the Civil Service. During this time I have assisted my students in preparing for High level international meetings, proof read their speeches and specialised in teaching them advanced business and diplomatic language, as well as general conversation.

All classes are tailored to the individual needs of the students as we recognise that the methods that work for one person are not always suitable for someone else. It is with this in mind that we place such an emphasis on openness and feedback between Student and Teacher.

I have a BA in Politics and History and an MA in International Relations

Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info:
In my spare time I enjoy reading (especially Political and Historical books), watching wrestling, motorsports and most importantly Welsh Rugby. I also like socialising and travelling to see new places both inside and outside of Poland, however there is nothing more relaxing than Mazury in my opinion. ;-)

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