I come from the North of England and have lived in Warsaw over 20 years. I have a rich and varied background having worked in various exotic places around the World.

Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

Thanks to this multiculture experience I fully appreciate the barriers to effective communication when one is not fully competant in using a foreign language.

My teaching methods are tailored to individual needs and I provide a structured programmme so we can measure our progress.

I have a formal teaching qualification from Northumbria University (Post Grad Diploma in Education Development) and have worked as a lecturer.

I offer lessons to people in the age range 15 to infinity. Usually one to one but I can also handle small groups. I can come to you or we can meet at my place near the Zoo. Very easy by tram or bus. Also car parking is never an issus.

For business people or students of business I can offer a very comprehensive service . For 20 years I was MD in a number of Automotive Production Plants Globally and have presented to the Boards of Ford, Volvo, Suzuki, Honda to name just a few.
I can Help you excell in written and verbal presentions and show you how to take the stress out of what might seem to be formidable confrontations.

I can proof read your commercial offers and check that all loopholes have been covered.

There can be so much misunderstand costlng time, money and energy when two non fluent English speakers meet or join a conf. call. I have seen it so many times and I can help you so that you don't fall in the same trap.

Come and join me for a voyage of learning that will be fun, relevant to your personal needs and desired rate of progress, We will focuss on current topics and I will design a programme just for you, your goup or your business.

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