Hello!, My name is John Lisella I am 24 years young and have a passion for traveling and helping people of all ages with the English language mostly through sports!

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

My name is John Lisella, I am a Native English speaker and American football coach around Europe!!! I have taught students of all ages and coached my sport (in english) in over 3 Countries. I have lived in Italy, Poland, and France, and spent time in over 10 European countries. I can speak a little Italian and am currentley studying Polish. Learning a new language is a difficult task but one that can open up endless opportunities. I am easy going, fun, and would love to have conversations and help in any subject. My main passion is about sports, I have played American Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball and Lacrosse. I obtained my bachelors degree in Business Marketing, and have studied at a University in Italy with students from all over the world, I also have a substitute teaching certificate.

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