Get a better job, do business in English, travel, gain confidence! Improve your life with my language lessons! Enrollment for September has begun

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

I am from beautiful VANCOUVER BC CANADA, I speak with a standard American English accent- I am interested in a wide variety of subjects and can be very entertaining to talk to.

Offer- zoom/Skype online language lessons conducted in English, business English or conversation or general English.

One to one OR small groups

You can come to me! I live between Świdnica and Sobótka, I have a nice big classroom in my house.

free level test and assessment!

Free first lesson 🙂

I am a Native speaker ENGLISH TRAINER teacher at John Mork English school in SOBÓtKA- I also teach Business English in company at several firms, for example RST SOFTWARE masters and Korff .Also, I offer private one to one and small group English lessons in my home located Between Swidnica and Sobotka. About me, my wife is Polish, she is a self employed artist, and I have emigrated here for a simpler existence. We live in a little village in a very picturesque old house we are slowly remodeling and renovating, with our cats and dogs, which is my hobby, I'm a dog breeder -whippets and have a IKC registered kennel:-) Slezanski Whipety. I am passionate about Natural food and medicine, mountaineering and trail running, Nikon DSLR photography, gardening and DIY projects around my big old house.

It would be a great pleasure to help you gain confidence using English to further your life goals! AND DREAMS!! In this way I can be your LIFE COACH AND language trainer (Language coach) Thanks for your interest and good luck in all your endeavors! JOHN MORK

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