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Ca John Mork

58-100 Swidnica, Poland

Native John from Canada here, learn fast and Earn fast I will not waste your time, Adults, young adults and children are welcome, B2B in Bielany Wroclaw, Swidnica and Zarow!!!!!


Languages taught: English
Qualifications: TEFL/TESL, Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Teaching these age groups: Adults (26 years old and up), Students (18-26 years old), Teenagers (13-17 years old), Children (up to 12 years old)

Starting price

The starting price per clock hour is 65 zł.

This and that

Does online lessons
Works during weekend
Issues VAT invoices

Bits about me

"Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember- INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN”
― Ben Franklin

Learn to speak perfect English with Native speaker JOHN MORK

Learn and practice English by SKYPE 65zloty for 60 minute lesson

Greetings! I have been in Poland since Feb 2010 and I am from beautiful VANCOUVER BC CANADA, I speak with a standard American English accent- I am interested in a wide variety of subjects and can be very entertaining to talk to. Presently I am a Native speaker ENGLISH teacher at private English school ENGLISH PRO 100 I also teach Business English in company at several firms , including IMP comfort, MARCONI SERVICES, CONCEPT, WAGONY, KLINGENBURG AND ORSAY and AND RST SOFTWARE...AND of course, I offer private one to one and small group English lessons in my home located Between Swidnica and Sabotka.
About me, my wife is Polish, she is a self employed artist, and I have emigrated here for a simpler less consumer oriented existence. We live in a little village in a very picturesque old house we are slowly remodeling and renovating, with our cats AND one dog named Daisy, and English Greyhound;-)
I am passionate about mountaineering and trail running, Nikon DSLR photography, gardening and DIY projects around my big old house.
I have a new 45 m2 room in my home I teach in with exterior door to let you in and out of. I am offering English classes to the village and hope to attract English learners from all over the Sabotka Swidnica South Wroclaw region, thanks for your interest!
It would be a great pleasure to help you gain confidence using English to further your life goals! AND DREAMS!! In this way I can be your LIFE COACH AND language trainer (Language coach)
Thanks for your interest and good luck in all your endeavors!
I teach in my home for 65 zlotych a 60 MINUTE lesson. I can travel to you, prices vary depending on where you live , or work!

Education, Qualifications, Experience:
ITTT Qualified English Language trainer/teacher helping people with the ENGLISH LANGUAGE since Jan 2011.I can help you!! Sobótka Świdnica Zarów
Thanks for your interest and good luck in all your endeavors!
Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info:
Gardening, Creative Nikon DSLR Photography, mountaineering, Home improvements including making wooden tables, Helping my artist wife with her large works, outdoors sports,trail running, attending Teacher training seminars reading, LIFE COACHING, BUSINESS COACHING,My FAMILY!!!

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