I am very easygoing and patient person with an understanding of the language learning process. I'm here to help you on your language learning journey.


Hello, I'm from Buffalo, New york and currently live in Gdańsk Poland. My hobbies and interests are exercising, nutrition, hiking, traveling, science, history, nature, technology and reading. I learn Polish everyday and I'm always making progress. After I can hold a complex conversation in Polish I will be learning Spanish. I enjoy living in Poland so I'm not sure if I'll ever move back to America, but anything is possible.

I center my lessons around real world conversation unless my students have something else in mind. Of course there will be grammar included here and there but I try to do it in a way were it's more fun and interactive. I focus on all areas of English such as writing, reading, listening and speaking. But I tend to focus more on listening and speaking. I use all kinds of material and the kind of material depends on the lesson that's being given.

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