Polish for foreigners and Czech for Polish speakers with a smile on our face!

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
International Baccalaureate

Hello! Cześć! Ahoj!

I'm a Polish native speaker who's in love with languages since he remembers. I've already tried to learn a lot of them but sticked to English, Czech and lately French. I've graduated from International Baccalaureate, I've got bachelor degree in biomedical engineering and currently I study Czech philology.

If you want to start learning Polish, because you want to move to Poland or you're just interested - you've found the right place! We can have basic beginner classes or, if you are more advanced already, do a conversation. I can teach you in English or Czech.

If you are a Polish speaker and look for Czech classes to start your journey through the language of our neighbours - I can help you too!

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