Get the entire truth about "Evil Russians"! Native Russian and Belorussian girl with fluent English will reveal all the secrets of useful learning hints and tips.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself as a person with easy-going, positive and acute attitude to learning Polish, Russian, Belorussian and English. Originally, I am from cold country Belarus as many think. I am bilingual in Russian and Belorussian. During my study a Bachelor degree in Business Informatics in Poland for 3 years, I have successfully honed my communicative and reading skills in Polish to the intermediate level. When it comes to English, I have to admit I am obsessed with it! That is why I have constantly been learning it since 7 years old. I am able to provide you with fluent captivating talk, robust sources of podcasts, Youtube channels and hilarious Instagram profiles where you can dive in native English environment. Moreover, I will share some magic how to memorize words forever. In my opinion, there is no more important tool than your ability to learn. Particularly, it will be my pleasure to make use of the wonderful formula of Long-term memory ;)
And finally, let's break the typical stereotypes about the post-soviet nationalities together! Is everyone from us Mafia? How much of vodka can we drink? Is a bear our common pet? Are we all dumb or just eating too much of dill? Well, don't mince the words and spit it out, I know, you all consider at least one of these things, as the comment area under those Youtube videos of crazy driving, ice-swimming and bear-hugging is chock-full by words such as "evil russians" :)

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