ENGLISH and SPANISH native speaker lessons. Singer, vast experience in translations, teaching, proof-reading and voice overs. My students learn quickly and easily :)

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TESOL Diploma
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Hello! I grew up in Beverly Hills, California (USA) and when I was studying, I was an Honors Student in all the Advanced Placement classes. I received my education from one of the most prestigious schools in America. I also lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. I speak polish fluently so I can explain anything that you may not understand. *Both my english and spanish levels are native*.
I´m proud to say that the people I teach, learn and improve their English/Spanish easily and quickly, as well as excel at school. Improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and have fun conversations with me on any topic :) I teach children, teenagers and adults; also with textbooks, workbooks, different exercises and materials that I personalize depending on the student's needs.
I'm also a singer and have lived in 4 different countries, and children love and learn quickly with my interactive, fun lessons. Give your children the gift of NOT only languages, but also of different cultures, all in one lesson. I have worked with various English Schools around Warsaw, but right now, I prefer to give private lessons :)

*I only accept serious people who really want to learn* :)

*80zł/hour at my place (*120 zł/hour if you wish for me to commute to wherever you are.) Or a 10-lesson discount pack - if paid in advance.

I also have a 20 year experience with written and spoken translations for companies and individuals, as well as proof-reading and voice over work.

I live in Mokotów/Stegny, Warszawa. See you soon! :D

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