ENGLISH & SPANISH native speaker lessons. SINGER, vast experience in intensive courses. I specialize in Psychology/Coaching, Self-Confidence Coaching & the Medical Field :)

TESOL Diploma
Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

You can visit my personal website lenasparkle.com to read more about all my *Services* :)

I can first and foremost help you *CLEAR YOUR MENTAL BLOCKS* to speaking English easily and fluently (that you may not think you even have). I'm a Specialist in reprogramming our mental blocks and negative beliefs, which block us from our highest potential. And after Coaching sessions with me -- people thrive in their lives and businesses!!

*I'm a Relationship Coach, Self-Confidence Coach & Holistic Health Coach specializing in psychosomatic illnesses and clearing blocks in the body which cause illnesses - *300 zł/hour* (counseling available in English, Polish, Spanish and Russian)*

*I am here to help you unlock your talents and your potential! :) Welcome! I grew up in Beverly Hills, California and I was an Honors Student in all the Advanced Placement classes ~~ so learning and excelling (I myself, am constantly doing different courses to learn & grow) - and helping others to do so, is my passion. I received my education from one of the most prestigious institutions in America. I also lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. I speak Polish fluently so I can explain anything that you may not understand.


*Both my English and Spanish levels are native* and I speak 5 languages, so I have a fool-proof system to help you learn languages quickly. I'm proud to say that the people I teach, learn and improve their English/Spanish easily and quickly, as well as excel at school/work. Improve your conversational skills, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and acquire more confidence when speaking :)


*170zł/hour (60 minutes) AT MY OFFICE in Stegny (Warszawa)/OR online. Or a 10-LESSON discount pack - if paid in advance*.


~ preparing actors (and singers) across Poland & abroad for their roles/auditions & perfecting their pronunciation, lyrics corrections, songs brainstorming; (I can also help you with British & Russian accents)

~ preparing professional athletes, CEOs & everyday people for speaking at Conferences (Medical University, Pharmaceutical, Business and Sales, etc.)

~ preparing my students for job interviews or different kinds of Exams

I also have a 20+ year experience with written and spoken translations for companies/individuals, as well as proof-reading and voice over work. I'm passionate about learning, music, mentorship/psychology*, personal growth, alternative therapies and helping people to unlock their potential, helping people improve, grow & be healthy.


I teach using different materials that I *personalize depending on your needs so that you achieve progress quickly*.

See you soon! :D

*I only accept serious people who really want to learn and change their life* :)

I have worked with various English Schools around Warsaw, but right now, I prefer to only give private lessons :)

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