I'm an experienced Business English Trainer with international expertise across various industries. Based in Poland, I offer specialized training to business professionals.


I've taught English to international companies, helping with TED talks, job interviews, and presentations. I also support projects like conference prep and document editing. Additionally, I meticulously prepare ambitious individuals for esteemed examinations such as the Cambridge CAE, CPE, and IELTS, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in these prestigious assessments.

Beyond English sessions, I specialize in proofreading legal documents. I help clients with presentations, interviews, TV appearances, and public speaking, drawing on my global experience.

Personally, I believe my global experience is my top credential. I emphasize the value of practice and resilience in achieving goals. As a linguistic trainer, I focus on mindset, realistic goals, and daily habits for growth.

My goal is to motivate individuals to reach their language objectives, fostering a love for English through coaching and support. I approach teaching with initiative and positivity.

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