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Doctorate (PhD, EdD, etc.)

I’d like to encourage you to get in touch with me for a trial session (especially ONLINE CLASSES these days due to the circumstances) Why don’t you drop a line to find out more details, regardless of your assumptions about me, your fearfulness about your language skills, or possibilities to achieve your goals. Try not to over analyze it and reach out to find out how we could make it happen. Of course, it takes effort and time but it’s worth the investment. I believe I’m easy going, open, supportive and empathic and I’m here to assist you according to my best knowledge and abilities. Please contact me for further feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!☺️ It's such a pleasure for me to train super talented, driven corporate individuals here in Warsaw. It's incredibly gratifying and fulfilling for me to lead English courses in companies for utterly successful, highly ambitious, demanding, dynamic professionals, entrepreneurs, vibrant, intelligent.. leaders, juniors; doctors, lawyers, engineers, developers..fashion, finance and pharmaceutical industry..last but not least, National Basketball Team:) I'm eagerly taking up responsibilities such as coaching, advising, supporting when needed. I enjoy meeting people who embrace the opportunity to constantly develop their professional skills, which makes them real leaders. I believe I have a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, positions, backgrounds. My philosophy is to teach simple concepts, ideas worth exploring, while enhancing natural talents. I try to accomplish all these tasks with great initiative and positive attitude:) I'd like to encourage you to arrange the very first meeting to discuss briefly your goals and needs, and to find out what modern methodology, cultural perspective is being applied to Taylor the classes to your future pursuits. Let's find out where this journey might take you thanks to my creativity, energy, empathy, flexibility and last but not least, engaging storytelling! It's always beneficial to try out new things, challenge yourself and better your competence. I'm always impressed with my clients' achievements, strong work ethics, self discipline and commitment. I'm absolutely confident that it's going to be added benefit for you to grow, empower, explore various topics for your future career to try out such a course! If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact me! I would be happy to elaborate further on our upcoming sessions. After-all, how important is your English ability for your applications, presentations, interviews and your overall performance for you to thrive? I feel so grateful for the trust people have put in me and so full of hope for what lies ahead. There's lots more work to do to keep moving forward and I know we'll get there together!

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