I’m a seasoned General & Business English trainer, Ph.D., with several years of international expertise, training corporate professionals, as well as dealing with proofreading.

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Profile check f8e025f884f10b43f5564e6aac87748f5985b7559b12d436776a7389dc3c1067
Profile check f8e025f884f10b43f5564e6aac87748f5985b7559b12d436776a7389dc3c1067
Doctorate (PhD, EdD, etc.)

Rate for in company courses: 159 PLN per 60 minutes (with VAT invoice)

Whether you are a business leader, employee, entrepreneur, or an artist, how much energy do you devote to mastering being awesome at English skills?
How clear is your vision, your goals & what are you willing to do to sustain your motivation to better this biz Eng that is absolutely necessary for your field of expertise?
How much time & effort are you prepared to put to be better at BE?
Or, is it just haunting you & will forever be on your to-do list of activities that you never tick off?
Here's my take on it: you can't be waiting till you are less busy, till you find yourself with less deadlines, till you feel the calling?
No one will truly invest in your Development & your English progress than you.
My job is to transform people's perception of acquiring the language skills & be better at it, thanks to yourself.
Quit being delusional about your own linguistic skills & capabilities! Instead, get to know exactly what it is that you want to learn. How good (accurate) are you at recognizing your talents, weaknesses & areas to work on?
Would you be feeling defensive when I offer you my feedback on your performance in class?
Do you question your confidence while learning to accept your failures, mistakes & breakdowns? After all, it's just a learning process..
Look, there's no way around this: you are the one to take the responsibility for your language progress.
STEP 1. Knowing where you stand
Create objectives
STEP 2. Pick one thing at a time to work on
STEP 3. Daily Practice REPEAT REPEAT ! It will give you a new level of confidence & you will become happier with your performance, probably achievements as well.
So, practice every single day by developing a habit.
Yes, the only thing standing between you & being awesome at English is rehearsal, preparation, use, excerise, implementation.. you get the picture
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