English language coaching for busy professionals.

Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

Experiencing English language blocks?

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A complementary mix of language learning and creativity coaching to improve communication skills and develop confidence in a fun and non-intimidating setting.


Perfect for long time learners of English who feel blocked and intimidated and want to feel more confident in their English.


I am a knowledgeable, well prepared and patient language instructor and professional cultural worker with over 20 years of Canadian and International experience. I use the communicative approach and creativity coaching methods to create engaging lesson sequences that get students using Real World English. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Customer Service and Polite English - Presentations and Public Speaking - Leadership - Small Business and Entrepreneurship - Cultural Studies - Travel and Lifestyle


IF YOU'RE NOT GROWING - YOU'RE NOT LIVING. PROCESS IS THE KEY TO FULFILLMENT! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Student Feedback:


I would recommend Martin as my best English teacher and guide so far. His method is absolutely incredible, specially regarding motivation and creating safe but ambitious zone for learning. After only 3 lessons I feel like immersing myself in English, it started surrounding me and I am more and more confident. Every meeting is creative but solid, I am using Martin's ideas and exercises every day. Barbara / Sustainable Development Manager ​------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We have worked on / practiced presentation skills and interviews which resulted in a new job offer (CV, interview, presentation). In my very honest opinion: You are the best teacher / native I have never worked with - your experience, knowledge and attitude help me to improve my English and you gave me a kick to do believe myself. Really true: For the first time at work I dared to say something in English to a large group of people (management and employee). I thought Martin many times that you have a good aura. I like to work with people who are very open, listen and love to talk about many different topics. I would like to work with you more and more. I’m waiting for your project and I cross my fingers for this! Robert / Manager: Head of Sales Systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The best and most inspiring teacher ever. Engaging and promotes self-education. If you follow his way, you can be sure of your success. But you have to work hard! Brilliant and funny interlocutor, always sides with you. Anna / Head of Digital.


First of all I feel lack of our every week meetings. You are very interesting person and because our opinions about different matters are very similar it is big pleasure to talk with you. It is your advantage as a native speaker. I appreciate also your skill to motivate me to simple but effective ways of learning. At the end I love your sense of humor which helped me to start Monday mornings. Joanna / Chief Legal Officer.


Thanks to you, I understood that impossible is nothing, that everyone has potential.

You teach in an enjoyable way as if it were fun, and along the way, you pass on knowledge, show possibilities and lead step by step to success. I wish everyone such a wise teacher! Kasia S. Manager: Logistics.

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