Cambridge Graduate with experience :)You want to learn Hochdeutsch/German or Business German ?

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)
International Baccalaureate
Business/Accounting degree (MBA, DBA, etc.)

My name is Matthias. I was born and raised in Austria, studied International Management in Warsaw, Poland and received a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

I am an experienced tutor, teaching University Students Business, Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship. I started tutoring here in Warsaw at Kozminski University and since then I have taught all levels from High- School students to business professionals.

I focus mainly on conversation and encouraging my students to become comfortable with the language and the material and to increase their fluency. I sometimes use specific materials at my students request but my main focus is always practicing the language in it's purest form- conversation. I do corrections throughout the conversation and focus on making the student more confident and comfortable in using the language.

I also lead a high interest in the subjects of IT, cars, computers, foreign affairs travelling and diving.

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