My name is Michael. I am a 37-year-old English teacher from the United Kingdom. I have lived in Poland for 8 years and have 8 years of experience teaching English.


I have a strong Passion for the English Language and a desire to help others like yourself achieve the best level of understanding possible and Tutor you towards your goals and realise your true potential at learning the Beautiful ( and often confusing) English Language. I will enable you to improve your Oral comprehension, Pronunciation and grammar skills. Alongside sometimes difficult to understand English Idioms and slang terms. This will give my pupils a far deeper understanding so they will be able to enjoy there many future visits to England to their full potential and with absolute confidence. I am certain you will also enjoy learning about The English and there unique culture along the way. I like to create a relaxed yet engaging environment for my students. I think enjoyment is key in learning any language and the Teaching style I have developed will get any pupil no matter their abilities to progress and enjoy learning a new language.

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