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Hi! My name is Mike, and I’m from the US. I’ve been in Poland for nine years now-I came here to raise a family (my wife is Polish, of course) and we already have two beautiful boys, and a little girl!

Since I have been here, I have helped many Polish students to improve their English. I can help you to improve your conversational skills, reading, writing, preparation for certificate exams, TOEFL preparation, and any other aspect of English that you might need help with.
I am also experienced in teaching Business English, and medical and legal terminology (I used to work in the medical field and I have studied law). I enjoy teaching English very much-I am talkative, outgoing, and am knowledgeable about Poland, Europe, and the world.

I also do high quality editing of English texts, and together with my wife do top quality translations from Polish to English and from English to Polish. I can edit your Master's thesis, Doctoral dissertation, website text, or any other text that you have that needs editing or proofreading.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science/History with minors in English and Chinese Cultural Studies. I also did work towards a Master's Degree in International Studies. I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in the US for a number of years before I moved to Poland. I would love to help you continue your journey toward fluency in English!

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