PhD in English Literature, born in the US, lived in the UK for 10 years. Taught children, adults, and undergrads, tutored for over 9 years

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)
Doctorate (PhD, EdD, etc.)

Hello, I've just come to Poland from London and have a PhD in English Literature. I have privately tutored students ages 6 - 54 for almost 10 years. I have also taught at preschools and have taught English Literature to undergraduates, and psychoanalysis and film to adults. I don't charge an exorbitant amount because I enjoy teaching so much and think everyone deserves a chance.

As a method, I generally find the student's particular interests and strengths and use this as a guideline. I also use positive reinforcement and am encouraging and fun, but not at the expense of diligence.

I consistently receive excellent feedback, as I have assisted several students who were failing their courses (MA, high-school/college age, and undergraduate), I have helped non-English speakers become fluent, and I have instilled a sense of confidence in those who were simply insecure with their abilities.

Let me know if you're interested!

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