FLUENCY, CONFIDENCE, PRONUNCIATION, LISTENING ABILITIES. Improve Your English with a Native Speaker From California

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Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

Hi, my name is Nathaniel and I’m from Los Angeles originally. I am offering native speaking sessions for motivated English learners. I don't speak Polish so you will have no choice but to use the English you already know, plus learn a lot more from me. The best way to learn something is practicing it with a patient expert.

If you ask me about my education, qualifications and experience, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army; I have 8 years experience teaching conversational English abroad and 7 years of working with groups of youth and adults in Poland.

If you ask me if I like Poland the answer is YES, I love the country and people. I also like pączki and pierogi:)

See my offers below:

FOR INDIVIDUALS --------------------------------
Individual Conversational English with a USA Native Speaker, Gdansk
I will save your time and energy by coming to your home or office with prepared topics of discussion based on your business and personal interests and the areas of English you need to improve on. You will enjoy a relaxed conversation, while being continually challenged to grow in speed, fluency, and greater understanding of the English language.

=> This will help you in business by helping you speak better with English speaking employees, clients, and with acquaintances you make while on business trips.

=> This will help you in your personal life communicating in English, while watching movies, TV, and listening to music in English as well as while you travel through foreign lands and while on vacation.

=> This will help you in academics by allowing you to communicate better with English speaking faculty and students.

=> This will open new doors and bring you new opportunities!

The price for 90 minutes – 150 pln, 60 minutes – 120 pln. I provide invoices.

Contact me today to check for available days and time slots.

FOR BUSINESSES -----------------------------
Individual English for Very Busy Business Groups, Gdansk
“TALK BLOCK” is my special unique offer for business teams who know they need to improve their fluency and confidence in speaking English for better productivity in the global market place, but are too busy to dedicate lots of time for practicing their English.

“Talk Block” is an in-office 90-minute block of time which is broken up into 15-30 minutes for each of your team members to hold a one on one discussions with me. I will conduct dynamic and engaging conversations about topics related to their job specialty, work focus and personal interests. For example, it could be scheduled as a coffee break for each person.

My method has proved itself with satisfied businesses who have used it for over a year. These regular individual meetings with me, (a Native Speaker), increase confidence and therefore productivity of your team in your office and in your market, which strengthens your business while opening new doors and opportunities.

90-minute TALK BLOCK is 200 pln.
I provide invoices.

Thank you for having a look at my services.
Contact me today to get started! :)

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