Pl Norman K.

Zaolziańska, Wrocław, Poland

Im here to help you learn English, use it and make it as fun as possible using the city center as my classroom half of the monthly meetings. Any idea for a meeting is a good idea!


Languages taught: English
Teaching these age groups: Adults (26 years old and up), Students (18-26 years old), Teenagers (13-17 years old), Children (up to 12 years old)

Starting price

The starting price per clock hour is 50 zł.

This and that

Does online lessons
Works during weekend
Issues VAT invoices

Bits about me

Jestem tutaj żeby pomóc, doradzić, poprawić twojej wymowy y błędy gramatyczne. Współpracy razem na pewno osiągniesz to co będziesz chciał. Dam ci 100% mojej wiedzy z tego co ją się nauczyłem i z tego co najbardziej działa według mnie. co ty zrobisz z tym będzie twoja sprawa.Napisałem to mówiąc do telefonu po polsku. Nigdy nie nauczyłem się jak pisać po polsku, ale dzięki speech to text funkcje żeby to było możliwe. Dziękuję smartphone!

Masz blokadę Żeby mówić po angielsku? Too Shy to talk in public?
You will laugh at yourself and I will laugh with you, when we go out to the market square talking this summer!

Prowadzę zajęcia z dziećmi i dorosłymi, u których stwierdzono spektrum autyzmu. I hate label's such as autistic because everyone has something strange about themselfs. Everyone is equal in my book. It’s no problem for me to work with any disabled or gifted person.

I speak Polish fluently because both of my parents are Polish and I have been living in Poland for 3 years now. I was born and raised in South Florida. After coming here for vacation in 2015, I decided that I wanted to live here.

It has been a difficult time being a teacher and figuring out what works and what clients expect from me. Also, because of the hard times I have expectations from anyone that wants to use me as their english teacher. Keeping everything simple, and serious.
Please don't start taking lessons if
1. You don't know what you want from you teacher, me or who ever you choose.
2. You don't have the time and money to get to a fluency speaking level.

The reason I say this is because I ask the same question to every single client and get exactly the same answers.
'I want to speak english fluently' then stop taking lesson after 1 or 2 months. Don't waste your money, and your time. Seriously

I have the confidence to say this. Do you have the confidence to say anything? Think I'm arrogant or over confident, sure. Ignorance is even funnier to me.

I want to keep this simple- I will teach anyone that wants to learn English. We will talk, you make mistakes and I will correct you immediately. Also, you need to tell me what you want from me. You expectations, I cannot read your thoughts! Lets make this a fast, fun and pleasant learning experience for you, without the textbooks.

50 zł- one hour at my house.
60 zł- one hour at your home.
55 zł- one hour online conversation.

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