Norwegian native speaker and foreign language teacher (MA) residing in Kraków. Get in touch so we can tailor a program based on your needs!

Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

Heisann! I am a high-school-level foreign language teacher residing in Kraków. My education is for teaching Spanish and English, but since I am a Norwegian native speaker, this is what I am focusing on in Poland. Depending on your needs, I can tailor a program specifically for you. I always make sure to make the material contextually relevant so it has real-life value. I do have a funny niche in case you have a fascination for the wide range of Norwegian dialects: I know almost all of them(!) and I can teach you a lot about the topic.

As my Polish isn't the best, I do my classes in English. I typically give a lot of sentence exercises to keep you challenged, but at the same time not too difficult. If something gets complicated, I'm patient, and I won't be bothered if I have to explain something 10 times. Norwegian is a hard language. I get it! ;)

Please get in touch, and we'll discuss how I could help you!

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