I can’t change your life, but I can teach you to read, write, and speak in English. Okay, so maybe I actually can change your life.

Master's degree (MA, MS, MEd, MFA, etc.)

What are classes like?

Classes are for late teens and adults at any level (yes, this includes A0). They’re tailored to your needs, but focus a lot on natural speaking (including pronunciation and fluency) since you can do reading and grammar homework on your own. We go at the speed you need and focus on what you need to learn and how you learn it best. I use a variety of materials (videos, PDFs, podcasts, books, websites, slides, audio files, games). I primarily teach American English, but I can also teach you British English. Classes are online via Zoom or Skype. Classes can be broken up into 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. I am self-employed so I can issue invoices if that’s something you’re excited about.

What kind of classes do you offer? 

English language courses:

General English courses: 60 min/100 PLN

Business English courses: 60min /100 PLN

English Exam preparation (FCE, matura, university exams): 60min /100 PLN

Special courses:

Professional writing in English (emails, presentations, web copy, item descriptions, etc): 60 min/ 75 zł

Fiction writing in English: 60 min/ 75 zł

In these courses I don’t write text for you, but teach you how to improve your own writing.

Please note that same day cancellations are charged 50%.

Who are you?

I’m an American native speaker from the super hot (literally) state of Arizona. I have an MA in English and teaching. I’ve been teaching for almost 20 years both privately and in language schools. My classes are primarily fun and funny (I have a quite active sense of humor) because I think that a fun, relaxed, and safe environment is the best kind to learn in. But don’t think that means I won’t expect things from you (I will ask if you did your homework, you know).

In case you wanted to know, yes, I can speak Polish. If we use Polish or not during our lessons is your decision.

How do I sign up?

Just send me a message with what you want out of English and we’ll schedule our first lesson. Talk to you soon!

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