British native. Currently working in Warsaw, I am a Business Growth Strategist and Professional Service Specialist working in the tech industry.


I am looking to help anyone who would be looking for conversational classes to help with the fluency of your English when it comes to small talk, business negotiations and processes. I will look to explain the difference between cultures and business practice to help more with international communications, the differences in sense of humour and mentality in the workplace.

I will also be able to help with presentational skills and speaking to give a boost on to how to engage your audience and use your speaking efficiently to achieve the best results and delivery.

I focus heavily on Account management / Business development and IT Tech recruitment. working with start up's, SME's and corporate clients. Digital strategy and campaigns and being able to manage all effectively for start to finish.

If you would like to know more then please get in touch and we can see if I will be able to help with your English skills and improve the areas of your career needed in today's world.

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