Business/Accounting degree (MBA, DBA, etc.)

Retired business communicator engaging a variety of publics serving industries ranging from healthcare to hi-tech serving both shareholders and stakeholders with equanimity. Presenter for courses on protocol and presentation skills when in English.

I arrived in Warsaw on Constitution Day, 2001, from Toronto where I had been working in high-level business communications. I married a local and retired after many years of service. My wife can also teach English, though she prefers not to.

========================= Education, Qualifications, Experience =========================

I have worked in a variety of situations in my capacity as a skilled communicator.

In company for a wide list of companies as well as classroom work for small-to-large language schools when I was getting started. I have worked with children from 3 - 12 years of age both as a private tutor as well as at a primary school institution. I specialized in one-to-one lessons for management boards.

I have taught 5th year students in a business course at UW, and developed the curriculum for the diploma in communications for UW management and WSPS.

========================= Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info =========================

I am a novel writer in the genres of crime and fantasy, so I am either writing or researching a manuscript. So language mastery is an interest, a hobby, and a compulsion as are the Oxford comma and double spaces after a period.

Language practice is an exercise, like sports or any fitness training. The exercise needs regularity, of course. This fact is easily forgotten when the language contact is either infrequent or by so much rote as to be a memorized script. And the result is plain to hear, and painful to watch frankly. Am I too honest?

I am also compassionate, and patient, with anyone in earnest. I understand that anyone working to improve their language skill is developing an advantage in the world and I am passionate about providing that advantage. My rates reflect the value of my time not the value you receive, which is much greater.

But you get what you pay for. If everyone doesn't have tuition then it's a fair competition, but right now, for those who go to tuition as opposed to those who don't, you're more likely to do well. And that is why we all seek the advantage of better language for ourselves and our children.

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