Native English proofreader and copy-editor – 8 years SfEP Advanced Professional Member


The standard of Poles' written English is generally very high ... but not native. I think it's a tragedy that the English language in local Web content and business literature is so often spoilt by tiny blemishes that give away its origin and distract the reader.

This is not the fault of the writers, but often as a result of fundamental incompatibilities between the two languages (I'm talking about the articles "a", "an" and "the"; verb tenses; prepositions; and the spelling vs. pronunciation conundrum, right?)

I can smooth this out for you, of course, and make sure that your text reads as idiomatic, native English. But additionally, as a qualified professional copy-editor and proofreader, I can also ensure that publishing industry standards are adhered to in terms of editorial style (punctuation, capitalisation, hyphenation, number usage, etc.).

Should the need arise, I will also rephrase sentences that may have lost their way, but please be aware that my offer does not extend to either rewriting whole texts or writing fresh material.

I charge for the work done, not the length of time it takes. My rate is fixed at 11 zł per 1800 characters with spaces. My service includes editing for the following:

typographical errors
sentence structure
word choice
logical flow
editorial style
consistency of font and layout

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