Canadian Native Speaker Affordable English Lessons 60zl 90min

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

My name is Peter and i am a Native Speaker from Canada, I have been teaching English around the world for 12 years now.
I gained a reputation working as a teacher from many schools around Warsaw and Lodz.
I am a very dynamic and experienced teacher eager to guide students towards accomplishing their goals with English.
I currently work for many companies where i teach, Medical, Business and Legal English.
I wish to offer my students the same quality of professionalism during private lessons, so they know that every week they come closer to proficiency.
I have profound experience and knowledge regarding methodology and books. I can quickly adapt to the students needs with a perfect method to dramaticaly improve learning and help them overcome problems that might appear along the way.
I offer high quality teaching for a very competitive price of 60zl for 90min.

- English with a Native Speaker from Canada (American Accent).
- Experienced with methods and materials.
- Free Materials and books for the students.(You don't need to buy anything)
- I teach on all levels from - (A1-C1): General, Business, Legal and Medical English.
- I also offer conversations, with topics and vocabulary. Exam preparation and help with all aspects of the language.
- Competitive Price of 60zl for 90min.
- No Contracts, private high quality tutoring. An Elastic and Fluid Schedual without obligations (Including Weekends).
- If you are intrested or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call, email me or to visit my website.

[email protected]
Lessons on Piotrkowska in the City Center of Lodz
(+48) 504 944 188

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