Patient, open minded; love to meet new people, learn about new cultures; well travelled; good listener and never stop learning; well-rounded experience in many fields.


I first started teaching as a student, doing volunteer work in remote villages. I later provided instruction to small classes of government employees in introduction to computers and related applications, such as spreadsheet work and word processing and other business tools.

I have grown up, lived, and worked amongst people of other cultures and languages all my life. I have travelled to all the continents and worked in many countries around the world.

While I do not hold a bachelor’s degree as such, I do have a diploma with honours (equivalent to two years of university study) and many other post graduate courses completed and certified since; which I believe summarily equate to at least the level of a bachelor’s degree.

I have a vision to promote, instigate and develop online learning and teaching facilities. I have the ability and experience to procure the necessary equipment, install the system in its entirety, implement the software platforms and role out the applications, mentor administrators to maintain and develop systems and train users to operate and utilise management information systems as well as tutor end users.

Although my career has been primarily centred on information and communications technology, I have also provided instruction, mentoring, and tutoring on different levels in the industry throughout my working life.

I have completed a course in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) in 2020;I have also, almost completed a 300 hour Level 5 Hybrid TEFL/CELTA course to add to my list of qualifications, and hope to learn teaching skills and gain experience from working in the field 

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