Relaxed and friendly teacher from England. I will help you to speak clear accurate English with confidence. Wide experience in business, property and legal English.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)

I enjoy helping my students to learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have many years of experience which enable me to teach English for any purpose including travel, family and business. I am English and speak good accurate English with a clear English accent and good grammar. I will give you the skills to communicate with confidence.

My Polish wife and I live in Koczargi Stare near Warsaw where I would normally teach students at home. During the pandemic I will teach through Skype and move to direct lessons when it is safe to do so.

I will be pleased to help you with any of the following areas :-

General conversation
Business English
Legal English
Proof reading and writing clear natural English for adverts, marketing materials and websites
Song writing

I am happy to guide you through a set course of study of your choice, or to work on particular topics where you would like my help. If you simply want the opportunity to enjoy conversation with a Native Speaker, I would be glad to chat and we can work on areas for improvement as they arise.

I worked for many years in businesses and local government in the UK, giving me a large technical vocabulary relating to business, property and law.

I am a singer songwriter and enjoy working with vocalists to improve their delivery of English language songs, and with songwriters to improve lyrics.

I have studied French, Italian, Spanish and Welsh as an adult learner giving me a students view of the challenges and best methods of learning a foreign language.

I charge 80 Zł per lesson of 55 minutes. Please contact me for an initial chat so that we can schedule a lesson. I am sure that together we can achieve a real improvement in your English skills and I look forward to meeting you.

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