A journalist, university lecturer and English tutor, specialising in Business and Legal English.

Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Legal degree (LLB, JD, etc.)

Hello. I am a native-speaking English language teacher, with a professional background in the media and higher education. I grew up in Warwickshire, near to William Skakespeare's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon. I competed the British Council's CELTA course in Krakow in December 2012, and have been teaching English to business clients since March 2013.

I have worked as:

* A journalist (writing and proof reading);

* A University lecturer in media, business and law;

* A director of a media company (working with national newspapers and the BBC).

As a journalist, I received in-depth training in the use of English for professional communication purposes. I also worked as a 'sub-editor', proof reading news and feature articles for accuracy and checking that articles were legal and correct.

I can help you to:

* Improve your written English skills;

* Develop your spoken English skills;

* Strengthen your listening skills in English.

I taught journalism, politics and law at Universities in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire (UK). I trained students to write news articles and features for newspapers, magazines and radio programmes; to improve speaking and listening skills and; to prepare for job interviews and the world of work.

I can help you to:

* Write letters, emails and business statements;

* Hold conversations with English-speaking friends and business people.

* Prepare for interviews, presentations and public speaking events.

I am a published author (Specialist Journalism, Routledge Oxford, December 2012). I have written for British national newspapers - including The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Irish Independent.

I can help you to:

* Write articles, notes and reports;

* Check and correct common mistakes in punctuation, spelling and grammar.

* Proofread business and academic texts.

I have earned my living from English. The language opens many doors in the business, legal, cultural and artistic worlds. My job is to help you to improve your skills, so that you can use English with increased confidence and authority. My motto is: 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

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