Hi, at this time I am now fully booked. If you would like lessons then do write to me, but I may have to put you on a waiting list. Sorry!

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SKYPE conversation throughout Poland with SEVENTY-FIVE topics all prepared by myself! Translations and proofing are also available, and I can issue invoices!

Hello! I'm Roger Hartopp (Dip ELS Open), and I originally come from Leicester, England.

With TWENTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, I specialise in English conversation, based around a number of topics that include text for reading and comprehension, as well as for conversation, followed by a fun quiz! (But normal coursebook lessons are available.) All these materials have been prepared by myself, and I can send these to you in advance so it helps you to prepare.

For more details, please check my website at www.rogerhartopp.co.uk (Click on English Conversation). But when I send an email back to you, please do tell me when you get it. It is courteous. I also have a sense of humour which can be very useful in learning!

With my wife, we also offer an English-Polish translation service.

I used to work in public relations for a bus company in Leicester, so I have wide knowledge of newspapers, radio and television. I worked with the BBC and also produced some television shows for the local Cable television station. I am also a published author of English and have a book on the market called TYPICAL ERRORS IN ENGLISH - AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO GETTING THE LANGUAGE RIGHT. You can get more details at www.typicalerrorsinenglish.com

I am a proofreader of Polish books published by ViaNova into English: SECRETS OF THE FOUR TEMPLES DISTRICT (November 2010) MAX LEIPELT'S PICTURE POSTCARDS (May 2011), and another work, WROCLAW IN DETAIL (published 2013, reprinted 2016). I have also proofed most English language material produced by Irix, a Swiss-based company specialising in lenses and other camera equipment designed by professional photographers.

So if you would like English lessons, discussion, or want to learn more about typical errors in English, then please write to me through this site.

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