Hello, I am Californian transplant here in Poland. I would love a chance to meet and discuss what you're passionate about and help you format those ideas.


I am knowledgeable in American home and apartment renovations and upkeep. In all of my adult career I have either restored homes and apartments destroyed by water, fire, mold, or trauma. I gained some experience in dealing with Home insurance companies during that time; Geico, American Family, State Farm, etc. I had also experience for several years in maintenance and upkeep of apartment complexes in Colorado and got experiences in Electrical outlets switches and fixtures. I was also responsible for plumbing fixes, drywall patches and repair as well as maintaining boilers, and furnaces in apartments from a small family size system to complex wide systems.

I also found my recent passion of late is discussing Geo-Politics. I find myself really great with discussing politics from a neutral standpoint, being able to relate and drive questions to you to make you formulate and substantiate your own ideas. By no means am I a expert in all politics, but with sufficient prep time i could educate myself in a idea to help discuss or maybe take an opposing side to help practice debating skills or for your own benefit.

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