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E-mail address:
[email protected]
Warsaw, Poland

Certified International Business English Trainer - helping clients improve their business communication skills


Languages taught: English
Qualifications: CELTA, Bachelor's degree (BA, MS, BEd, BFA, etc.)
Teaching these age groups: Students (18-26 years old), Adults (26 years old and up)

Starting price

The starting price per clock hour is 150 PLN.

This and that

Doesn't do online lessons
Doesn't work during weekend
Issues VAT invoices

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Individual Students / Small Groups / Companies that would like to work with me directly:

• Please include the following in your message: preferred location, time of day and # of x's per week.
• I work exclusively on contract, which includes a cancellation and payment policy.
• I negotiate all contract details, including hourly rate, in person (not via email/phone).
• I will carry out a full needs analysis before providing an offer at this initial meeting.
• I only give "free trial lessons" to companies that are considering long-term, large-scale cooperation.

Schools / Third-Party Training Organizations

• My hourly rate is listed - if you don't plan on meeting my financial expectations, please don't contact me.

There are many competent professionals I meet at international companies who, despite being extremely knowledgeable about their jobs, tend to rely on English-language skills that are often inadequate for the challenges they face. This can often lead to frustration, anxiety and, even worse, miscommunication between business partners (clients or colleagues), all of which may have a negative impact not only on business relations, but productivity as well.

In order to address these issues, I believe it is insufficient to look at language learning only from the traditional perspective of improving learners’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary; a trainer must also aim to increase learners’ awareness of both the importance of intercultural competencies and the development of vital business skills necessary for their specific work context. To accomplish this, I build courses that place an emphasis on the completion of work-related tasks that are relevant to learners’ business communication needs, encouraging them to take part in a planning-performance-feedback cycle that raises their awareness of the need for skills development in the process. I also take time limitations into account when doing this by working with clients to tailor course objectives to meet their specific needs.

I have worked with international as well as Polish firms in business sectors/industries such as IT/software development, insurance, commercial property development, car rental, pharmaceuticals and law, teaching both small-group and one-to-one lessons, working with managers as well as staff. Over that time, I have learned to see my role as a coach or facilitator, supporting clients in achieving their goals, and continue to draw on my own experience in order to make the delivery of my courses as efficient as possible.

I can provide a full needs analysis and discuss possible solutions to your business communication issues. Contact me to find out more.

Education, Qualifications, Experience:

• Trinity College London CertIBET (Certificate in International Business English Training)
• Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• Hunter College (CUNY) - Bachelor of Arts in History - European History major / German minor

Post-baccalaureate studies:

• The Catholic University of Lublin - 400 hours of intensive Polish language study (B2)
• Jagiellonian University - 120 hours of intensive Polish language study (B1)
• Hunter College (CUNY) - 100 hours of introductory Polish (A1/A2)

Seven years of experience teaching English as a foreign language.

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