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Hello my name is Tony Bell, I am a native speaker from Bristol in the Southwest of England. After spending time in England teaching and helping people from various countries to learn or improve their English, I moved to Germany, to try and improve my German language skills. While I was there, I was teaching and giving conversational lessons to not only Germans, but also people from Poland, Spain, and China. I was then offered a job teaching in Poznan, so I moved here in July 2012. I liked it so much I decided to stay.

I am available to help anyone wishing to learn English, or just to improve their conversation skills. I believe with my sense of humour and calm relaxed way of teaching, learning and speaking English can be fun and enjoyable. It is a fantastic language to be able to understand and speak, which will not only open up your career possibilities, but open you up to a whole world of great movies, music, travel opportunities, and the possibility of even living in an English speaking country.

I have spent most of my working life in the UK, working in customer services positions.With over fifteen years experience in the motor industry, working within the sales and logistics departments of car dealerships. Many years were spent working for BMW. So I have had lots of communication with all types of people from all walks of life, from high managerial positions in the Business and Commerce world, to the rich and famous.

In my 9 years in Poland I have taught.

Age groups 13 to 60

Individual private lessons.

Private language schools, with group and individual lessons.

Elementary - Advanced.

In house lessons with many Polish companies.

Teaching from text books - Activate, Face 2 Face etc etc

Preparing students for IELTS and other such Advanced exams.

Proof reading

CV - Resume preparation.

English language Interview skills and practise.

Lessons on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Conversation lessons using "Every day real" English, including slang, phrases and colloquial English.

Hobbies & Other.

I am a big motorsport fan, and I have been to 31 Grand Prix, and 100s of other motorsport events all over Europe. I like to read, and paint and draw, and walks in the countryside. I also love cycling and I follow the sport , I have travelled Europe watching professional cycling MTB and road, and I average about 5000 kms every year on my own bicycles. I have also competed many times in MTB and road marathons in Poland. Hopefully I will be buying a kayak soon.

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