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Let me improve your fluency and pronunciation. I'm seeking highly motivated and dedicated students. Contact me now before my schedule fills up :) Hi, I'm Tori. I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. I've been living in Poland for about 5 years now, and I love it. Everyone always wants to know why an American would come to Poland. In short, my family is Polish and I came here at first to play softball. I loved it, so I stayed. I’ve been teaching since 2011. I find teaching to be very rewarding as it allows me to meet lots of new and interesting people. My lessons focus on conversation skills. I am able to tailor the conversation to your needs. Whether it be business English, preparing for the Matura, or just everyday English. It's important to have strong conversational English skills to be successful in today's world. In order to reach a conversational level, you must use your skills in all possible ways. I’ve spent over 5 years teaching various subjects. Aside from English, I’ve taught swim lessons to children, lifeguarding and first aid to college students, and softball lessons to elite athletes. Currently due to my schedule I am only available for lessons via Skype. Education, Qualifications, Experience: I have a MSc in Management in Virtual Environments at Kozminski University. My thesis was about the different applications of artificial intelligence to sales processes. So if you're interested in tech, I'm your girl :) I also hold a BS in Sociology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. At the University of Tennessee, I played Division 1 softball. This led me to play for the Warsaw Diamonds, and for the Polish Women’s National Team. I’ve also worked for tech start-ups and as a professional softball player in Warsaw and Budapest. I've also done voiceover work for screencast videos, proofreading and copywriting. I have taught English to adults, toddlers, young children, teenagers, as well as high school and university students. I've also taught English to international students via Chatting Cat. Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info: I love to travel. I like to go to places that aren't the most popular tourist spots. I love meeting new people and learning from them. But I think my favorite part about traveling is the food ;) In my free time, I like to hang out with friends or watch an entire Netflix series in one day. I also like reading, swimming, kayaking, wind surfing, softball, and going to the gym. When the weather is nice I love to ride my bike and explore the city, or take my puppy to the park.

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